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Holistic Nutrition, Health & Wellness

25 May S.O.U.L Food Series: Berries

I hope you enjoyed our previous posts as part of the S.O.U.L Food series. I’m really excited to announce that berry season is finally here so that means they will be everywhere. But first, for those of you who may not know what S.O.U.L food…

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23 May Fresh Produce: Access and Equity

Access to healthy food… We all want it, right? Well, according to a recent poll 97% of us do. As you would imagine, I am not surprised at all about these findings but it’s always good when research supports what we’ve been saying all along. Now…

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08 May Love Lists: Urban Organic Webseries

  I’ve been a fan of Bryant Terry for some time now. His cookbooks get us in the kitchen while transporting us back in time with foods that are culturally familiar, plant-based and most importantly, DELICIOUS! His latest project has me super-excited. The web series…

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07 May S.O.U.L Food Series: Cilantro

My first SOUL food post was such a hit that I am super excited to feature another of many more articles in this series. My aim is to get you more familiarized with the healthy food in your hood and more importantly to encourage you…

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02 May Guest Post: Dear Kale

By: Rebecca Four (@UnprocessedMama) Dear Kale: I want to take this time to tell you how I feel about you. I spend my days thinking about you. I love you with a pear and ginger in a juice. I love you sautéed with as much sliced…

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26 Apr The SPEACH Gal Spotted on the Dr. Oz Show

So you thought the only TV show appearance I made was on Oprah’s Lifeclass, huh? Guess again. Check me out some time ago on the Dr. Oz show (in the audience). The topic was “Cancer-Proof Your Life”… talk about synchronicity! Click on the picture below…

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24 Apr Mangu 2.0

If you’re Dominican, you definitely know what mangu is. For those who are not, it can be compared to it’s American counterpart, mashed potatoes. Just like mashed potatoes are very common in American homes, mangu is our signature breakfast dish. Most of my Dominican friends…

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