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Dr. Robert J. Woodbine, N.D., M.Ac.O.M. Wellness Educator, Director URBAN Qi Foundation, Inc.


“It’s not often I feel graced with meeting the caliber of person that Eileen is. She carries herself with grace and power and gently commands the space that she occupies as a human being and a woman in service to the well-being of others. Her commitment to uplifting the women she serves is unwavering, consistent and imbued with more than just enthusiasm. She is a qualified holistic health advocate for her community and, apparently, blessed with ceaseless energy to make manifest her varied projects in support of her mission and calling as a healer. What impresses me more than anything is the quiet and beautiful tapestry of family relations she has woven with her husband and children. She exemplifies resilience and models what she preaches. I am honored to be her colleague and friend.”

Mercedes D.


“Before working with Eileen, I had severe depression, insomnia. I had an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and was very self-conscious. Working with her, I learned to be social again. I learned about eating to support my health and to regain another perspective on my health challenges. Her program transformed me completely! I wish our time together would never end. She is a skilled educator and a loving friend.”

Evelyn L.

“I had no hesitation working with Eileen. On the contrary, I enjoyed learning from her. Her knowledge and expertise on nutrition is vast. I admire her passion, dedication and enthusiasm. As a cancer patient, her program centers me and brings me back to the importance of being healthy physically, mentally and spirtually. Being with her is like being with family. I highly recommend working with her.”

Marsha V.

“As a 50-something year-old who is caring for my adult children and aging parents, I have been putting my personal health concerns including my past breast cancer diagnosis to the side. I forgot about my own treatment and recovery. I am grateful for the support. Eileen, with her positive and helpful demeanor, taught me so much about health and wellness. I’m greatly motivated and encouraged. I always look forward to seeing her. I have found my strength again and feel blessed.”

Carol R.

“Eileen Fuentes is “my kind of people”. I’ve always had a pretty healthy diet, but I didn’t know where to start with this condition. I truly felt overwhelmed. And for an American woman, I was not considered fat! As a result of my cancer diagnosis, I gained 40 pounds and was very uncomfortable in my body and my soul. With very gentle encouragement and much excitement, Eileen got me interested in her style of deliciously prepared meals. I lost 15 pounds just on eating (or drinking). Her generosity of spirit, her clarity of purpose and her openness to new ideas as well as practical solutions has made me continue to see her weekly. I am afraid we will lose her when she has her own tv show, but a gifted, outgoing person like Eileen has a much larger audience to address and I am grateful I got her at this stage.”

Tina C.

“Although I was able to successfully put my breast cancer experience behind me and move on with my life, I was reminded every time I took off my sports bra after a run, or when I would moisturize my body after a shower as I would softly touch my scar, which after more than two decades was still tender. Everything that I thought I knew about diet and nutrition aimed specifically for women going through treatment or post treatment, was thrown out the window upon my introduction to this program. All of the data was thoroughly researched and up-to-date and delivered by Eileen. She is one of the most knowledgeable persons, whose personal goal is to make sure every woman going through this journey is armed with as much information as possible and to have the best possible outcome. As a result of this investment and of my time in her program, I am paying more attention to labels, chemicals, portion sizes, meditation, and exercising my body. I am able to make informed choices about the ways that I can utilize my kitchen appliances to enhance my meals. I can also pass along this information to friends, colleagues anfd family members, whether they are in a treatment regime or not.”

Yvette H.

Eileen is very friendly and knows what she is talking about. This has been a wonderful learning experience. I liked everything about working with her including healthy cooking. I’ve even been able to reduce my medications substantially and lost a significant amount of weight. Even my doctor asked me what I was doing!”

Karen S.


“Before working with Eileen, my sugar levels were high. I had mild asthma and allergies. In her program, I learned to eliminate white sugar and processed foods. I now eat on a regular basis and added foods that help me to curb those cravings. My energy has increased. I no longer eat fast food and my friends have noticed my weight loss. These sessions have been invaluable to me and those that I pass the information along to, but especially to my cousin and friend that are undergoing cancer treatment.”

Constancia F.

“After my cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment, I had no idea where to find help. Fortunately my social worker, referred me to Eileen. She spoke Spanish, is friendly, and taught me how to love and prepare healthy, delicous meals and about other modalities to continue to improve my health. The results have been astonishing! I feel so much better . I was also treated with dignity and like family. I have recommend her to everyone!”

Dee (on IG)

“You are such an inspiration and I can say from my heart after speaking with you, I felt more confident in my battle and came out stronger than ever. Thank you!”