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Food For Thought

29 Mar Food for Thought…

While I’ve only eaten at Chipotle twice in my lifetime, I give them major credit for their philosophy, the commitment to our farmers and their animals, and for putting together the BEST commercial I’ve ever seen. In 2 minutes it covers the importance of sustainable…

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22 Mar What is health?

What is health? What does it look like? Is it thin? Is it fit? Is it young? Is it old? In my opinion, the best response to that question came from Dr. Andrew Weil who described health as “an inner state of resilience and balance,…

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Butterfly Flower

16 Mar Freedom Fridays

Today is the first of what I call “Freedom Fridays”. Last month I made a life-changing decision to give myself the most priceless birthday present of all, a gift that would also be a gift to others. What is that gift? Well, I decided that…

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