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Food For Thought

19 Mar Food Fight And The Guerilla Gardener (VIDEOS)

California seems to be leading the discussion on food justice issues occurring in low-income neighborhoods. Recently SOS Juice debuted a video titled, “Food Fight” about a boy who must escape a world where processed food is killing the members of his community. The villain in…

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12 Mar For Those Who Like to Count Calories

There is a huge misconception of two things. First, that low-calorie foods are better for you. Second, that labels are required to tell you the truth. This video highlights the inaccuracy of the information on many common foods. As you will see, items labeled as…

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26 Feb Latipha Cross – One Sprinter, Many Hurdles

Latipha Cross is one phenomenal young woman. She is a survivor on so many levels. This champion runner was abandoned by her parents and physically abused by her foster parents.  Desperate and afraid, she left home and lived in a park. When she reconnected with…

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08 Feb The Light That Shines: Jill Brzezinski-Conley

Jill Brzezinski-Conley, is a young breast cancer survivor initially diagnosed at 32, just one day before her birthday. She underwent a double mastectomy, aggressive chemotherapy and radiation and now, at 35, has incurable stage-4 breast cancer which has metastasized to her bone. Inspired by her…

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02 Jan Creating a New You NOW

The new year is the time when we all collectively review lessons learned in the previous year and set goals for the new one. I used to put a lot of effort into preparing resolutions until I started feeling like a broken record. When I…

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