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Food For Thought

27 Jul Supermarket Secrets Revealed

How do supermarkets work? Are they designed to aid your efforts to become healthier or is their goal to make their pockets (and your waist) fatter. In less than 2 minutes, Michael Pollan will give you the inside scoop. After you view the video, check…

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09 Jul Popsicles, Promises and Plan B’s!

Last week the temperatures rose to 100 degrees and so my aim was to post a refreshing summer recipe. In my mind, I wanted to share how to put together a quick Latin-inspired quinoa salad but my kids had a different idea. They wanted popsicles….

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23 May Fresh Produce: Access and Equity

Access to healthy food… We all want it, right? Well, according to a recent poll 97% of us do. As you would imagine, I am not surprised at all about these findings but it’s always good when research supports what we’ve been saying all along. Now…

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