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13 Jan Happy 71st Birthday Annette Larkins!!!

Today is Annette Larkins Birthday and she turns a whopping 71 years-old! You’d never believe it if you looked at her. Wanna know how she does it? Read the article below from Transitioning Movement, then go wish her a happy birthday. To learn more, visit her website.

Annette Larkins raw vegan www.theSPEACH.com

by Kristin Braswell

Google Annette Larkins, and words like “fountain of youth” and “age-defying” are sure to pop up. The 70-year-old has a more modest description of her lifestyle, which includes a diet of raw foods and consistent exercise. TM.com chatted with Larkins about how she maintains her health and gorgeous spirit.

Tell us a little bit about where you are from.

A: I was born in Asheville, North Carolina, but left when I was a baby. I consider Miami, my home; after all, I have lived in my present abode for 50 years.

What sparked your interest in a vegan lifestyle?

A: I became a vegetarian in 1963 after developing a total distaste for dead-animal flesh. After noticing positive benefits derived from being a vegetarian, I took another step in abstaining from white edibles such as white rice, white sugar, and white flour. Since I felt better each time I removed an unhealthy food choice, it made so much sense that there must be a correlation between eating well and being well. I later read how dairy products cause excessive body mucus; so I excluded them along with eggs. The next phase of my evolution took me to what I call The Kingdom of Living Foods, live and raw, where live is king, raw is queen, and I am a willing and loyal subject. This is the stage at which I am presently, comfortably settled.

You call the garden you grow your “Fountain of Youth.” What do you eat on a typical day?

A: The foods that I consume daily vary depending on my mood; nevertheless, it is safe to remark that my day-to-day diet will consist of dark green vegetables such as collards, kale or lettuce. Sometimes it may be all of these and more. I like to break the fast—known as breakfast with juice—presently, I am in a wheatgrass mode. I also will partake of noni juice from my garden. I may indulge in one of the dishes found on my DVD Annette’s Raw Kitchen, which includes spicy collard greens, nut balls, pizza, wild rice, et cetera.

What type of exercise do you do?

Read MoreAnnette Larkins Defies Age With These Healthy Tips!.

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Eileen Z. Fuentes

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, Eileen became her own Self-Healthcare Activist. She is an Integrative Cancer Coach and works full-time helping patients do more than just survive at Columbia University’s Cancer Center in New York City.

  • Eartha Mitchell
    Posted at 14:14h, 28 February Reply

    Where do you get the Booklets and receipes?Reveiwing the videos helped me to understand whatI think God was putting in my spirit.This is the help I believe I needed. Thank You for theInformation.

    • Eileen
      Posted at 18:58h, 28 February Reply

      Thank you for your question, Eartha. I couldn’t agree with you more, there are no such things as coincidence. You were meant to see this post. I’m glad to have played a small part in this event. Annette is an inspiration to all.

      All the booklets with her recipes could be purchased on her website at:
      You might also want to check out Ernestine Shepard:

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