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29 Aug Laughing Out Loud… At Myself

Eat More Kale Commercial www.thespeach.com

Photo: Healthy Choice

So I was watching TV with my husband and younger brother and all of a sudden a commercial appeared on the screen. We all nearly gagged as it vividly reminded us of someone very familiar… ME! Not only do others view me as an over-the-top healthnut, I do too and yes, I have the “Eat More Kale” t-shirt. We kept rewinding the commercial, each time laughing harder than the last.

Actually researchers found that laughing at yourself is good for you, and is associated with “having an upbeat personality and good mood”. The study also suggested that “laughter, smiling and optimism are linked to better overall health”. So don’t take yourself too seriously… and while you’re at it, eat more kale :)

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Eileen Z. Fuentes

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, Eileen became her own Self-Healthcare Activist. She is an Integrative Cancer Coach and works full-time helping patients do more than just survive at Columbia University’s Cancer Center in New York City.

  • Timothee Howland
    Posted at 19:35h, 31 August Reply

    Fun post. Did you notice they changed the commercial? The words on the Kale t-shirt are now blurred out! I wonder if Chick-Fil-A is the reason for that…

    • Eileen
      Posted at 19:49h, 31 August Reply

      I saw the commercial again last night and didn’t notice the changes. I can’t say for certain, but it has controversy written all over it…

  • TWhite
    Posted at 12:22h, 02 September Reply

    I saw the commercial and bust out laughing. I wanted to share it with others but I can’t find it on YouTube and when I try to play it on your website it says this video is private. :(

    • Eileen
      Posted at 23:12h, 13 February Reply

      IT’S BAAAAACCCCCKKKKK! I’m so happy. You can see it now. I hope it makes you laugh :)

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