Eileen Z. Fuentes | The Weight Of The Nation: Blame Game or “REAL” Change?
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10 May The Weight Of The Nation: Blame Game or “REAL” Change?

the weight of the nation hbo www.thespeach.com

THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION is a presentation of HBO and the IOM, CDC, NIH, and Kaiser Permanente. You can either watch it on HBO or you can click HERE to see the movie online for FREE beginning May 14th at 8:00pm.

While I am hopeful that it will shed light on the health, economic and disparity issues that plague our nation, I am weary about the fact that the experts in the film are closely tied to the government. For this reason I will keep my mouth shut until I see the film for myself. I hope that this isn’t a blame game but rather a shift to eating more “real food“… I’m crossing my fingers on that one. In the meantime, mark your calendars.

Enjoy your weekend, mi gente. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas XO.

It is a four-part documentary series:

Monday, May 14, 2012

  1. CONSEQUENCES: (8:00pm EST) examines the scope of the obesity epidemic and explores the serious health consequences of being overweight or obese
  2. CHOICES: (5/14/12, 9:00pm EST) reveals what science has shown about how to lose weight, maintain weight loss and prevent weight gain

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

  1. CHILDREN IN CRISIS:(8:00pm EST) documents the damage obesity is doing to our nation’s children
  2. CHALLENGES:(9:00pm EST) examines the major driving forces causing the obesity epidemic, including agriculture, economics, evolutionary biology, food marketing, racial and socioeconomic disparities, physical inactivity

Check out these factoids:

the weight of the nation disparities www.thespeach.com

the weight of the nation school food www.thespeach.com

the weight of the nation sugar soda www.thespeach.com

the weight of the nation physical education kids www.thespeach.com

the weight of the nation sugar soda www.thespeach.com

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Eileen Z. Fuentes

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, Eileen became her own Self-Healthcare Activist. She is an Integrative Cancer Coach and works full-time helping patients do more than just survive at Columbia University’s Cancer Center in New York City.

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