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Children’s Place

17 Sep Announcing A New Healthy Eating Program For Kids

Whole Kids Foundation™ just kicked off its annual fundraiser to support school salad bars, garden grant programs and nutrition education classes for teachers. Did you know that replacing one meal a day for a salad could translate into the reduction of 100 calories per day?…

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19 Mar Food Fight And The Guerilla Gardener (VIDEOS)

California seems to be leading the discussion on food justice issues occurring in low-income neighborhoods. Recently SOS Juice debuted a video titled, “Food Fight” about a boy who must escape a world where processed food is killing the members of his community. The villain in…

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07 Jan Jump Ropes: A Little Goes a Long Way

Myth: Getting in shape is expensive and requires a gym membership. Fact: Getting in shape can be cheap and does not require a gym membership. This past weekend one of my favorite TV shows, CBS Sunday Morning featured a story on the benefits of jump…

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