Eileen Z. Fuentes | Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child!
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15 Aug Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child!

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Photo: Vanity Fair

I could come up with a million reasons why I love Julia Child but I’ll give you three for now.

  1. She had THE FIRST cooking show in 1963 on PBS
  2. She was a breast cancer survivor and more importantly, lived to the ripe age of 92 despite it
  3. She started cooking at 32 and jokingly said that before then, she simply ate

Check out a cool infographic with more facts here!

Today would have been her 100th birthday and PBS is celebrating big. Their website has full episodes of her tv show, recipes and more. For now I will share the Julia Child remix video below. Yes folks, they have officially autotuned her and it is funny!

I’ll be celebrating this weekend by researching and hopefully putting together one of her recipes and watching Julie & Julia with the family. How will you be celebrating?

“Learn how to cook — try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun.” ~ Julia Child

For more information: http://to.pbs.org/R2jmAF

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Eileen Z. Fuentes

After a breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, Eileen became her own Self-Healthcare Activist. She is an Integrative Cancer Coach and works full-time helping patients do more than just survive at Columbia University’s Cancer Center in New York City.

  • CancerBully
    Posted at 14:03h, 15 August Reply

    What’s not to love!!!! Julia ROCKS!!!!

  • Aunt Clara
    Posted at 17:27h, 15 August Reply

    I came to Julia late in life, but I am a huge fan. Talk about humble. She puts to shame all these cooking divas that riddle our countries. You’ll live forever Julia!

    And now some trivia: When choosing a name for our daughter we were looking for one that was spelled and pronounced the same in English, Danish and Spanish, it also needed to be in the official list of names in Denmark (long story), Julia was the runner up, and Ms. Child was one of the reasons it scored that high. :)

    • Eileen
      Posted at 18:27h, 15 August Reply

      I too came to Julia late in life. Now I play catch-up on youtube 😉

      I really appreciate your trivia. I’m not sure how you were able to find a name with all those prerequisites. And now for some trivia of my own (which has nothing to do with Julia whatsoever)… Like you, I had to make sure my 3 daughters had names that could be pronounced in both English and Spanish. Oddly all three of them have Arabic names so we too can say/spell their names en tres idiomas!

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