Eileen Z. Fuentes | SOUL Food (Seasonal Organic, Unprocessed, Local)
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SOUL Food (Seasonal Organic, Unprocessed, Local)

25 May S.O.U.L Food Series: Berries

I hope you enjoyed our previous posts as part of the S.O.U.L Food series. I’m really excited to announce that berry season is finally here so that means they will be everywhere. But first, for those of you who may not know what S.O.U.L food…

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07 May S.O.U.L Food Series: Cilantro

My first SOUL food post was such a hit that I am super excited to feature another of many more articles in this series. My aim is to get you more familiarized with the healthy food in your hood and more importantly to encourage you…

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27 Mar S.O.U.L Food Series: Avocados

Have you ever gone to the Doctor and been recommended a diet of SOUL food?  Well, I am here to give you the green light and encourage you to do this as much as possible.  So what is SOUL food?  It might not be exactly…

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