Eileen Z. Fuentes | Self-Healthcare Activist
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You finally made it here.

Which means, on some level, you believe, like I believe, that wellness should be intuitive, accessible and simple. I don’t care whether you shop at a fancy supermarket or a bodega. You came here to learn how food can be the catalyst for your new, delicious life. You came to learn how to tap into the healing abilities you know you were born with.

Together, we’re going to get inspired by the foods, customs and mindsets of our ancestors. We’re going to get real about what works for us and what doesn’t. We’re going to be there for each other when the last thing we’re thinking about is loving ourselves. We’re going to make the women before us proud and teach the women yet to come how to live positive, healthy and fulfilled lives.

We’ve been waiting for you. Are you ready?

Let's get to work

My journey to self-healthcare…

Before 2008, I was like most women, juggling multiple responsibilities. I was working full-time and playing Suzy Homemaker to my husband and daughters. But seven years ago, my life became a real scary tale. It all started when my family and I were evacuated after a natural disaster caused structural damage to our home. Soon after, my beloved pet of 11 years passed away. Then I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and subsequently a blood clot in my heart as a result of treatment. As if multiple surgeries and chemotherapy weren’t enough torture, I was then subjected to inject blood thinners into my abdomen twice daily to help dissolve the clot and avoid open-heart surgery.

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As a young survivor of breast cancer, Eileen provides opportunities and resources for patients in underserved communities taking an active role in their own health and medical care.

Illness to Wellness

A journalist followed Eileen Z. Fuentes as she goes from ‘illness to wellness’ and teaches others to do the same upon receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis.


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